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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Formal Wear

When it comes to women’s formal wear, the only thing that comes to mind is elegant dresses and gowns. Of course, the little black dress (or the LBD as it’s popularly referred to as) is a very elegant and a classy dress to wear to any formal occasion or event.

The elegant dresses come in a lot of materials such as silk, taffeta, chiffon, lace, jersey and many more. The color for the season right now is purple and mauve but other colors such as wine, golden, navy blue, teal and other pastel shades look just as nice. These elegant dresses can be teamed up with a bolero or shawls. Empire line dresses accentuate the bust and the waist and focus attention on these areas while drawing attention away from the hips and the buttocks.

Necklines and embellishments set off the dress from others.

Deep neckline, swooping necklines and square necklines accentuate the cleavage and show off the bare shoulders and the long necks. The gowns are form fitting. There are a number of sizes and colors as well as styles that are available for these evening dresses. Since these dresses are form fitting, they come with a zipper for a snug fit. Some of these elegant dresses may also have elegant trails that look very beautiful.

The women’s formal wear can also come with a number of embellishments such as lave, bows, trails, crystals, belts and lots more. They make the dress look extremely fetching and make the dress stand out from the rest. Some of the dresses can be divided into two parts such as a bodice and a skirt. Along with these crochet shawl with endings look great.

Accessorizing your dress

Along with the women’s formal wear, one needs to team them with the right kind of accessory, hairstyles and makeup. The tall and elegant women’s formal wear go well with thin stilettos and other dainty sandals that have diamante settings. Always accessorize as this makes the dress look better. For this all you need to do is get a beautiful pair of earrings or a bracelet.

Wear pearls or diamonds as they very well with the women’s formal wear. The right makeup and hairstyle will go a long way in enhancing your look.

Check the latest trends for makeup. Ensure that the foundation and the base that you put on the face hide away your flaws. Highlight your eyes and apply some great lipstick. Always know that less is more when applying makeup. You want to look elegant and not the other way around.

There are a number of hairstyles and the latest is the bob cut that is been patronized by the celebrities. Choose the look that complements you.

Pant suits

There are pants suits women’s that are worn to the office and are known as formal suits. They are stylish, sophisticated, and smart and they will look great on you. In fact they are tailored in such a way that they can even be worn in the evenings when you have planned an evening out. All you need to do is to change the top and take off the jacket and you can have a swinging night out at the pub.

There are three-piece suits (women) for office wear too. These would include a top within (that could a turtleneck), a jacket and pants. The suit ensembles are usually made of polyester, spandex and nylon mix. This ensures that they remain wrinkle free and can be machine-washed easily. The jacket may also have three buttons for a more corporate look.

Skirt suits

Skirt suits are equally popular among women who are looking for suits. Skirt suits look great for office wear as well as for formal evenings. The formal skirt suits would comprise of jackets and knee length skirts. There may be three piece suits too that would have a shirt inside the jacket. The evening skirts suits (women) would include stylish camisoles and blouses in silk and taffeta. The tops may also be off shoulder and may also include a shawl. There are a number of variations on these.

There are a number of styles for dress suits women’s too. They can also look extremely fetching and beautiful. Other suits (women) include pantsuits, dresses and skirt suits for prom nights, wedding, formal occasions and more. These suits (women) are made of silk, blend of wool and other materials, satin and can include a number of embellishments.

The sizes and the prices for the suits

There are a number of sizes that are available for these suits. In fact, most stores stock the sizes for suits women’s from extra small to all plus sizes and sizes that go way up to 44. These suits women’s can be accessorized with dainty jewelry, matching hats and a variety of shoes and bags. The black suit is very popular and is one of the quickest ways to show some style.

The prices for suits for women can start at around $150 and go up depending on the designer and the store. A number of stores offer discounts and sales. You can buy these suits (women) when the sale is going on so as to get good discounts.

Choosing Swimwear

Some women prefer to choose at least one designer swimwear in order to look their best when they are at the beach or at the swimming pool. There are plenty of popular designer brands, which are suitable both for active women as for women who are just planning to lie down to relax while tanning.

ViX swimwear is suitable for the more athletic women or teenagers, it fits very well on women’s bodies and the price is very competitive as opposed to others on the market. These swimsuits last longer and colors do not fade due to the excellent quality of the fabric used. This designer swimwear introduces sophisticated embroidery, with touches of suede and mother of pearl trimmings and it fits comfortably due to the seamless styles it comes in.


Salinas swimwear distributed by Marpessa is swimsuits, which are based on the typically Brazilian style. Swimsuits usually come in Lycra fabric and are known for the high quality materials. You may find Salinas’s swimwear in a wide range of prints and styles and can be purchased in most department stores.

Aquaclara swimwear is very particular designer swimwear for it uses special hand painting techniques and hand embroidery, thus creating unique accessories and prints on the swimsuits. It comes in various motifs and patterns, which can include several silver applications or gold coatings.

AXM women’s swimwear is ideal for a more feminine and romantic look; these swimsuits are sensuous and alluring and will make any woman feel beautiful while wearing them. This designer swimwear uses luxurious fabrics and enticing details with jewel toned colors, enhancing the femininity in all women.

Masquenada swimwear is a pure modern creation representing endless movement; this swimwear is directed to women who are fashion conscious and unassuming, free from any social schema. The quality of the material and texture is excellent and it the swimwear even has splendid accessories such as pareos, pendants and sandals. It is aimed at a middle-high fashion market and the concept is that of freedom of movement.

Pinel swimwear has been a big success in the United States for the options and new styles it offers. These swimsuits enhance femininity and are admired for their elegance and sophistication. Pinel swimwear proposes new colors, textures and materials with creative and innovative designs.

Sauvage is a long time popular designer brand for swimwear, and has been creating unique, exotic and fashionable swimsuits for some time now. The swimwear comes in different cuts and styles, including bikinis, one-piece swimsuits and cover-ups.

And finally but not least the Vitamin A swimwear, which presents a superb line of swimsuits, combining sleek and sexy with finesse and functionality. Many celebrities and models, amongst which are, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Anniston and Kate Moss, have worn this swimwear. This designer swimwear is a perfect blend of sophistication and detailed designs with a glossy style and enticing colors, rendering these swimsuits always fresh and original.

Accessorize With Belts

It’s a major trendsetter for women. Women’s belts has come a long way and are more than just a necessity. They are major fashion accessories and can liven up any garment. A stylish women’s belt can easily change a drab dress to a great looking one. There are, of course, a number of ways to wear the belt in order to obtain maximum benefit out of it. Belts can be styled from a number of materials and can be bought at flea markets and the more designer boutiques too.

Women’s belt can be made from cloth, leather, stones, metal etc. they can be plain or can be embellished with a number of materials such as threads, semi precious stones, hoops, sequins, cloth, decorative buckles and many others. Depending on the trend of the season, the women’s belt can be skinny or wide. It’s not necessary that the women’s belts have to be worn just over the waist. In fact it can be worn anywhere as the wearer wishes.

Wider belts enhance the natural figure

Women’s belt enhances the figure of the wearer and makes her look extremely stylish and chic. In fact, they are now been worn on the torso, just below the bust line and of course on the natural waistline. There are a number of women’s belts that can be slung low. Many favor wide belts as this accentuates the sexy curves. They also create an effect of thinning down a women’s body. They give an allusion of a corset, since they brace the entire body. For this reason, the wide belts are usually made of material that can be stretched such as cloth reinforced with Lycra or woven leathers with silk and satin. The women’s belt can comfortably resist all the stretching and bending during the course of the day and will still remain as good as ever.

Innovative ways of wearing a belt

Women’s belts have become innovative and creative as ever. In fact, women can easily borrow from their partner’s wardrobe and use men’s belts. They can even tie Japanese inspired obi sashes or use cummerbunds or just plain fabric with a bit of embellishment as belts.

Skinny belts accentuate the clothes

On the other hand, skinny belts are worn for the effect that they give. The skinny women’s belts are usually made of strips of leather or a chain of links or metallic finish cloth. They accentuate dainty dresses and meant to show off the clothes that one is wearing. Of course, it’s important to choose a belt keeping in mind your own body shape. For those on the plumper side, a wider belt works better than a skinny belt.

Empire line belts

Belts are also worn right below the bust line and this gives added oomph factor to a women. They enhance the cleavage and give it a perfect look. These women’s belts are known as empire waist belt.



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